Saturday, April 11, 6:30pm

A powerful ceremony that weaves together breath-work, shamanic medicine songs, guided meditations, and chakra alignment to create a safe, sacred and profound healing experience. An expanded state of consciousness and deep, inner peace is achieved through an alchemical process of purification and restoration of our physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual bodies.

This workshop has grown out of Ivo and Cosetta’s combined 40 years of yoga, shamanic and meditation training, study and sharing, and represents the alchemy of their lives thus far as lovers, teachers, and medicine people.

The ceremony will be offered on a sliding scale, starting at $10. Participants are asked to register in advance so that we can manage the bandwidth logistics.

Email with any questions.

A few days before the event, we will send a link to the Zoom meeting/webinar to the registrants, along with a guide for how to prepare and set your home space.

BMC Sliding Scale Price

DSC_8760.jpgYOGA TRANCE DANCE is an Ancient Medicine for modern times.

Next dates: TBD

Space is limited, so reserve your spot early and save $5.

$20, pre-register online:
$25, the day of


In this ceremony of delight Cosetta Romani invokes the elements, our primordial ancestors, and calls in the Good, True and Beautiful energies from the spirit world. Rhythms and evocative music awaken the body, mind and heart. Perceptions start to play. Projections and judgment dissolve. Then Space, Self and the Other begin to blend into One circle, One Soul Connection.

Cosetta has been deeply inspired and trained by Shiva Rea, Shamanic Teachings and cross culture traditions.

“The goal of trance dancing is to let your creative energy move through you, to let Spirit guide you to that place where breath and creativity meet.”
—Shiva Rea


Open to everybody. No previous dance experience required. Dress creatively and comfortably. Bring a RE-usable water bottle, curiosity and an open heart!

Deeply inspired and trained by Shiva Rea, and shamanic traditions.


Join Cosetta and Janelle Leonard

New dates TBD


The format is a deeply restorative yoga class with healing from Cosetta. Adding sound vibration to this experience increases relaxation and meditative awareness. 

$35 prepay online:
$40 at door

"Trance Dance is the one time every month when I can completely let go, rejuvenate, restore and surrender to my body in a way no other class, or event, or gathering of friends will allow. I have been dancing with Cosetta for many years and still nothing feeds my soul this way. Cosetta's energy, grace and spoken word heals my deepest wounds, which is the beauty behind this gathering of friends, new and old each week, who are all there for a soul retrieval."
~ Emily P.

"Freedom, the kind that comes from being so totally wrapped in love, safety, and grace that your body feels permission to do exactly what it wants; to move in a way it never has but always wanted. This is the kind of movement that I found myself in, completely unrestricted, completely open. The past few years have been a journey of reconnecting to my body and more specifically reconnecting to the joy of being in my body without substances to alter the experience. At the end of the Yoga Dance Trance ceremony (this is not an event, it is a ritual process) my mind couldn't believe what happened. I'm so grateful for the powerful healing this ceremony facilitated.


"The experience I had at Trance Dance was nothing short of magical.  At first it was Cosetta's soothing but powerful voice.  It pulled at the loose string that wrapped up all the things that I "should" be doing and unraveled me into deep connection, relaxation and trust.  Then it was the music and the sensation of truly feeling my body that swept me up like the oceans sweet and undulating embrace.  Then it was the power of feeling the community of people dancing with wild abandon around me all for a common goal, tapping their truth and sending love back out into the universe.  I reached the rawness of my being in that room and it felt amazing."

~ Kari

"Trance Dance moves me every time!  Cosetta creates a safe magical sacred space for full self-expression through the movement of our bodies.  Stomp, reach, twirl, crawl, growl, shake, do whatever your body asks of you in that moment to the most moving music compilations I have ever heard.  We enter as strangers and leave better connected to ourselves and to each other."
~ Linda

Un-self-conscious body awareness.  
Contemplative meditation.  
Joyful community joining.  
Soul stirring music.  
Heart thumping movement.  
Sacred laughter.  
Trance dance.
~ Stacey

"How do I find the words to explain trance dance? It's something I look forward to all month long and every month it's a different and timely lesson. It's a process. A journey. A path to enlightenment. It's a stress relief and a dance party that spans 2 hours.  It's a workout and a restorative process. Dance is a healing tradition and it feels so enriching to connect with this ancient ritual. AND It's just plain FUN, FUN, FUN!" 
~ Michelle

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