Peru' ~ A Journey of the Soul

December 27, 2015–January 2, 2016

Amazon Forest – Peru'

A Shamanic–Yoga Retreat 


The Journey of the Soul is an intensive week-long retreat in the heart of the Amazon rainforest where you will experience some of the most powerful healing and mind-expanding traditions of the Shipibo shamans of Peru'. We will work with medicine plants and the powerful wisdom they infuse into our individual experience.

Preparation, reception and integration are important themes in working with medicine plants. Our daily yoga workshops and circles are specifically designed to support, foster and facilitate the deep work at the gross and subtle body level.

You will return home empowered, with a new appreciation for Nature, feeling high on life and with more gratitude than you knew was possible. These long retreats tend to facilitate deep bonding between participants, often leading to vital friendships and support networks that go way beyond the retreat itself.

The slideshow to the right provides a detailed description of the retreat, rituals and work we will be doing. 


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