Living the Spiral

September 18-20, 2020

A Women's Retreat at Aldermarsh on Whidbey Island


$600 Before 4/30/2020

$650 After 4/30/2020

$200 Deposit (Non-Refundable) to secure your spot

Price Includes: 3 days, 2 nights lodging & amenities; 6 delicious meals based on Ayurvedic principles; All teachings, ceremonies, rituals and art supplies

Living the Spiral, Retreat for Women


Wherever you are in the spiral of your life, if you still find ways to judge it as “less than perfect,” you are denying yourself permission to be exactly who you are as you are.

The enemy of the ego is unconditional acceptance, a state of no judgment, of unconditional love for all that it is and all that is not.

In this ceremonial retreat we will use ancient practices such as movement, stillness, sweat lodges, breath work, storytelling, silence, oracle journeys and art. Together, in oneness, we will spiral from one moment to the next and create a crucible for embodied intention, healing and transformation.

This is a healing retreat crafted to allow you to dive deep within yourself while opening to work in community. The schedule is rich and engaging. It does entail a certain amount of preparation.

If you have never worked with Cosetta, please contact her before registering to enquire more about the requirements & your intention:

Visit the Aldermarsh website for more details about getting there.

The retreat will start on Friday, September 18 at 2.30pm and close on Sunday, September 20 at 3pm.


Living the Spiral, Retreat for Women
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