Icaros are not memorized songs.

They are mystical melodies taught directly by the elemental spirits of plants and energies during learning dietas or ceremonies. These icaros arise spontaneously in the moment and from a longing in our heart to be one with the world. Nothing in this recording is rehearsed or manipulated. We entered a ceremonial space, opened and surrendered to the spacious awareness of Shiva while letting the power of Shakti run through us.

These vibrations, melodies and words have healing effects on consciousness, psyche, body, heart and soul. May you receive this gift with the same openness and love we meant to offer it.

The Meditation in this volume together with Icaros can be experienced live at Ivo's Breath Medicine Ceremony™ events. These are somatic workshops that blend breath-work, shamanic medicine songs, chakras alignment and meditation into a powerful ritual to facilitate a deep healing and a profound transformational process.

Shamanism is a Siberian tribal word used for its practitioners called shaman.

The practice of shamanism is not easily defined. Our ancient ancestors all over the world discovered how to amplify human potential of mind and spirit for healing and communication between this ordinary reality and other cosmic realities and sentient beings.

Shamanism is about relationship. Learning how to see the living sacred essence in everyone and everything. Thanks to the ancient wisdom of shamanic cultures we learn stories, tools, rituals and practices to ignite and open our timeless connection to the cosmic energy. Trees, stones, animals and the five elements' consciousness become our teachers. We learn how to walk the practical world with spiritual feet. We thrive to become hollow bones for Spirit. We practice gratitude, love, courage, respect, generosity, kindness toward all sentient beings.

I am a compassionate listener and a safe container for you to express, release and heal the unbalanced sheaths of body, mind, heart and soul (koshas). I will assist you to identify your own personal resources and capabilities which are often times lost and buried in stress, confusion, anxiety, addictions, or any other form of fear. My alchemy involves breath work, hands on healing, clearing/extraction work, return of soul’s parts, yoga asanas with props, visualizations, shamanic journey. Empower yourself, reclaim your strengths and move forward into your life.

1.5-hr session: $150
Commit to 5 sessions, purchased in advance: $120 each

Contact cosetta@puravitayoga.com for more information or to schedule an appointment.

If your natural inner guidance is temporalrily blocked, this genuine spiritual guidance will help you to discern how to proceed in areas of your life. What are you looking for when you ask me for a reading? My answer is “the greatest good of both." I might use tarot cards or rely completely on intuition ability.

$100 for an hour session
Reading can be done over the phone or Skype if you live outside of Seattle.

Contact cosetta@puravitayoga.com for more information or to schedule an appointment.

"I came to see Cosetta when I was hurting emotionally. She explained why without me saying a word. She is intuitive, warm, healing and can connect with your soul. In the hour I spent with her, I made more progress emotionally and understood so much more about myself than in months of therapy. I came confused and left with more clarity. I came hurting and felt lighter and better when I left. 
Grazie Cosetta for your caring work. I am so glad I have found you!"

Working with Cosetta is like coming to a spiritual oasis. She is so intuitive, so caring and balanced that even breathing the same air is renewing. To try and summarize it in sentences is near impossible. But know that I am privileged to say Cosetta has and is helping me change my life to live and focus on gratitude. I am emerging like a lotus from the murky depths; without her help and guidance I would be an empty shell."
~Joanna H. 

"A friend of mine recommended Cosetta to me as I had been looking for a Shamanic teacher who does Soul Retrievals. I moved to Seattle about 5 years ago and started my personal journey of healing my soul last year. When I met Cosetta for the first time, I was so impressed with the beautiful location of her house and its surroundings. She truly has transformed her space where she lives and works to a "Sacred" location and one can feel this energy the moment one walks through her beautiful wooden gate. Since I started working with Cosetta, I have learned a lot of new and wonderful rituals. I have become more appreciative and grateful for everything I have. I have developed a routine of walking barefoot in the grass first thing in the morning. After that I go and do my meditation. I learned about cleansing my house with Sage and love it. Those spiritual routines have helped me to better connect to my inner spirit. I also joined a restorative yoga class she offers and the peace and harmony that I felt after the class was beyond what words can express. Cosetta is a gifted healer and teacher. She is very disciplined and determined to help her students grow and discover the love and light within themselves. She speaks the truth and shares her insights to the best and highest good of her student. Thank you, Cosetta, for sharing your gifts and helping me connect to new ways of thinking, feeling and seeing things from a different perspective." 

~Lisa Jacobi-Baqai

"Cosetta Romani has helped improve my quality of life, Her incredible knowledge of Yoga is only second to her compassion "
~Colin Baxter

"Cosetta Romani was my neighbor for 3+ years before I understood who she was. As we worked together I had a profound sense of being with someone who was alive like I had never experienced before. This way of living has a timeless value I could not describe. She is so vibrant a life force that her light-filled energy naturally spilled over washing me with the realization of my own possibilities, gifts, abilities & blessings. She altered my life; I was not breathing and now I am. The physical discipline became a spiritual dimension of the daily practice opening me to further exploration of my mind, heart & body. Cosetta has the ability to see what you need even if you don’t. She lovingly encourages you to be open to changes necessary to help you embody the best you can be."
~Phyllis L. Haaland 

Self-Care & Sacred Ambiance 


Tools and practices to walk our practical world with spiritual feet

Next 8-session Series beginning Fall 2015

In this course we will explore:
+ Clearing and protecting yourself and the space you live in
+ Altar-making
+ Understanding boundaries, building trust and sisterhood with new women
+ Symbolic language of power animals, numerology & mythical Archetypes
+ Finding answers, information, healing, knowledge, guidance or help through shamanic journeys
+ Introduction to Meditation

Meetings are held at my Home Temple.

The group’s size must be restricted to 10 women only
as sharing our voice is a key element to this circle.

To register, please email: cosetta@puravitayoga.com

$480 total for the series.
$100 non-refundable deposit to save your spot.

Payment plans available.

"Our work in this life is not to find the perfect mate, raise perfect children, get the perfect job, and go on perfect vacations. Our task is to remember Who we are."       ~Helen D. Vandeman

"Beyond learning about rattling and feather dusting, drum journeying, altar making, the four directions and so much more, my experience in Regine della Luna pushed me to go through the fire of transformation and form a deep bond with my sisters. However, most meaningful to me was witnessing Cosetta's personal and energetic growth and transformation in each and every moment. I developed a deep respect and admiration for Cosetta during our three-month journey and was amazed at how quickly she was able to integrate learnings and to use those learnings to inform how she showed up in the group. It was incredible for me to share space with someone who is in communion with the Divine, with Spirit, someone who has the capacity, in the moment, to shape the experiences of the group based on that communion. I am so grateful to Cosetta for modeling a way of being in the world, for the many beautiful things she shared with our circle, and for the inspiration."
~Bobbi E.

“My experience in the Women's Circle changed my life. It opened my eyes and heart to the Divine through practical daily actions. My perspective of myself has expanded in that I have a stronger sense of who I am, and a deepened connection to the natural and spirit world. I also made lifelong friendships with women who are walking their unique, sacred paths! I recommend this Circle for women who are very ready to be accountable for their own growth, and want to experience the magic that can happen with authentic connections and a teacher who holds the space with grace and dignity!”
~Allison L.

“I have never been part of a Women's Circle, and when I joined I barely knew Cosetta at all. I was in a challenging place in my life having been diagnosed with an incurable (but manageable) autoimmune disease and coming off a divorce. This experience has changed me profoundly. It has set me on a path of self-discovery and truth that, while incredibly difficult at times, is so incredibly liberating and nurturing. I have broken some old unhealthy patterns that I, frankly, thought I was stuck with for the rest of my life. Go into these Circles with the intention of just being open to the experience; that's all it requires of you. The take-away is much, much more than you can imagine. Its effect is like a drop of colored ink in a huge body of water...it just keeps spreading slowly and evenly over your life until you are a different person.”  ~Katrina Schoenberg

“The Women's Circle is a sacred place that fluidly connects each and every sister as we share our journeys; break patterns; practice authenticity; speak the truth; discover, step in to and own our power; be accountable and honest; trust; extend compassion; give and receive love; share tears; and show up for ourselves and for one another extending the five arms of love. This women's circle magically weaves the ‘three minds’ and the ‘four chambers of the heart’ into tangible results as we commit to be on this spiritual path together. We do our work independently while simultaneously supporting one another. As healers, warriors and teachers we play our individual roles but when we come together we are truly one, completing the circle. AHO!”

~Jennifer Olson

"Cosetta's Women's Circle has drastically changed my life in the last six months. I have learned so much about myself and the world around me. I feel better equipped to manage the stress and changes life brings. I feel more open and connected to my life than I ever have. Cosetta is an amazing teacher and healer that I am grateful to work with."
~Ashely Newman 

"The day I saw Cosetta's announcement of her first Women's Circle, I knew I had to be part of it. I had a need for more women in my life, more feminine energy, for unconditional support and a pair of nonjudgmental ears. Being a student of Cosetta's yoga classes and her Yoga Trance Dances I knew she is not only trustworthy, but also talented, wise, and compassionate. I walked into a circle of strangers and walked out of a circle of sisters. We shared our stories, our frustrations and our dreams. I resonated with so many of their experiences, which served as insights and messages from the divine. We meditated, read Tarot cards, had energy clearings and nature walks, built routines of self-care and awareness, and built strong friendships. I learned we were all powerful women, but we were not aware of it. I learned to trust. Something magical happened in that circle that will stick with me forever. We all saw a strong transformation in each other through subtleties. A spark was lit forever and even after I moved out of town, we keep in touch in solidarity and support. I'm forever grateful for this experience."
~Laura Aquino Gonzales

"It is said when you are ready the teacher will appear. I have done inner work for years. Through Cosetta showing up in my life and lovingly gathering this circle of women, I am finally and firmly connected to Spirit and forever connected to my beautiful new sisters."
~Linda Downing

"I am so grateful for the sacred container Cosetta provides that allows for a deep shift in my soul. She has weaved together teachings that pushed and opened me up in unexpected ways. Being surrounded and supported by other women on their own parallel journeys at the same time has been a surprising gift and a powerful component of my expansion into ‘me’."
~Tricia Leech

"Our Women's Circle came into my life shortly after I had ‘asked’ for a teacher to guide my interests in shamanic healing. Sitting in circle and practicing rituals has touched my soul tremendously. Our circle has deepened my respect for life and for all my brothers and sisters who walk the earth. My own cultural background of honoring my ancestors and their ancient wisdom has been refreshed and reignited. My spiritual path is much more clear, thanks to Cosetta's guiding light. I am honored to be a Regine Della Luna. Aho!"
~Shaina Sarono

"I am honored and grateful to have participated in Cosetta's Women's Circle. To be cradled by such support, love and sisterhood on my path is vital and deeply touching. To have someone who is the living embodiment of the sacred teachings, gracefully guiding you on your individual way is truly special. To be held accountable for my self-care and heart path by my sisters is joyful and enlightening. Love is the answer."
~Kristine Thalen (Kika)

"Being a part of the Regina della Luna was truly a gift. It not only acted as a beautiful support to my life and daily practices but connected me to an amazing group of women."
~Caroline Corcoran

“Cosetta is a shining light! This circle has helped me rediscover my inner light and has provided me with practical tools to sustain and nurture that light. Cosetta shares her incredible wisdom and amazing intuitive spirit that helps guide all of us on our journeys. She and the Circle have helped me connect to the deeper meaning of things—of all things and their sacredness. Aho!”
~Sarah Hermanson

“The women's circle has been a life-saver in keeping me accountable to my heart and my soul. The community, the work and the practice have opened my heart and mind in ways I never knew existed. I feel more compelled than ever to live the life I create for myself.”
~Michelle Vela-Murphy

“The safety, trust and support of a tribe of women is just as potent and valuable now as ever. The greatest gift I received from the circle was empowerment in my own feminine gifts and talents.” 
~Kim Hamlet

"The women's circle provided a safe container for me to express my innermost self, see it, own it and let that which no longer served me go. The tools that I received, the community of support and the unconditional love has given me the strength and motivation to stay present while moving forward and not focusing on the past. Standing in my power and my favorite teaching—"no complaining and no explaining"—are comforting and empowering.
~Shelley Clapp  

"I came to the circle out of a desire to deeply connect with other women and to learn to deeply connect with myself. The circle has by far exceeded my expectations. Led by Cosetta, who is a shining example of what a life looks like where everything is sacred, the circle turned out to be an unforgettable and transformational experience. She has been holding a beautiful and safe space for us to open up and speak our truths. The connections and learnings I've made reach far beyond the time spent in the circle."
~Brigitte Gleissner 

Shamanic Work

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Devotion and Dedication