EmeraldBreath-booklet.jpgEmerald Breath is Cosetta's first collection of poetry and is now available to purchase.

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An audio recording of FOUR poems performed by Cosetta Romani to music by Nathan Zavalney.

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“This is a book of poems that are awash with incantation, and longing for a place where the heart can mend, pray, and wonder as my heart has, in lingering here in the work of an important poet, whose work is akin?to prayer.”

—Char Sundust, spiritual advisor, teacher, healer, and inspirational speaker


“Cosetta’s rich poetic offering ignites and restores our embodied senses and intimacy with the natural world that pulses in our own breath, body and soul longings. Thank you for this treasure which is brimming with your wisdom and realization of the magic in the midst of everyday life.”

Shiva Rea, yogini, author “Tending the Heart Fire - Living in Rhythm with the Pulse of Life”


Emerald Breath is a rapturous, soulful love song to nature, including nature within. Cosetta’s evocative poetry reveals her deeply female wisdom – an instinctive, intuitive, wildly intimate conversation with life itself. Each poem is a heart-call, a teaching, a sacred offering to the mystery of creation. This is a gift to read slowly, pause often, and savor the beauty you love.”

Camille Maurine, Meditation Secrets for Women


“Passionate and straight from the heart. Cosetta speaks with a strong, sensual, feminine voice and invites us into a world where the skin is alert to tingling.”

Lorin Roche, Ph.D., Author of Meditation Made Easy, Meditation Secrets for Women, The Radiance Sutras 

Today I choose the path of broken heart,
face to face
hand in hand
with the Goddess living in me.

She is the white tulip
sleeping on the altar.

She undulates along
the river of my blood.

She is the silk of grace
in my inspired thinking.

She lives at the roots
of my silence
and rises to sit on my tongue
to bless the words I speak,
sing and write.

She waters my prayers.

We ride and rest on two giant swans:
the white for the day
the black for those brave nights
when time comes to go inside
the dark unafraid. 

Laugh it off
make the jaw relax its box
teeth beading space
mouth full of nothing
belly giggling
throat erupting
chest temple unlocking
the heart arches to tell the mind
"you are not this thought
so laugh it off".

Cosetta-.January 15, 2011