The Japanese Art of Flower Arrangement

This contemplative art invites us to create more by using less. Branches, flowers and unconventional material are used in a way that mind and heart express their dance within unlimited possibilities of expression.


Bless your space with devotional beauty

Pond-in-the-garden_0.jpgBless you sapce with devotional beauty, make it sacred! Sages and masters know that symbols awaken the unconscious. They are oracles.

What kind of symbols you surround yourself and the living space with?

What are the qualities those symbols remind you to embody?

I offer consultations, work and training to private homes, business offices and parties on how to clear, bless and uplift the energy of the space.

The ordinary is our vehicle to the extraordinary.

Priced by project

Contact for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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Sculpting with Nature